MCParks Forums

Theme Parks

A forum dedicated to discussing Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, Disneyland, Busch Gardens Tampa and other parks made on MCParks!

Creative Server

A forum dedicated to discussing the MCParks Creative Server! Post about updates, new builds and create a bulletins for your projects!

Off Topic

A forum dedicated to discussing anything else that's not related to the parks or even the server in general! Discussions still follows server rules.

Ban/Mute Appeal

A forum dedicated to providing an outlet for recently banned users to make a case for them to rejoin the server. Section is moderated by Cast Members.

Feedback and Suggestions

A forum dedicated to discussing feedback for the server! If you have any problems with the way things are operated, please post about it here. Also, suggestions for the future of the server belong here!

Server News

A forum dedicated to discussing server news and updates. Weekly meetings will have meeting notes posted in this section and all updates will be detailed in here!

Gameplay/Software Updates

Changelogs and patch notes for software updates will be posted here!